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The twins meet G.P. and E-Nis-I!

Justin’s parents put a lot of thought into the names the babies would be calling them. My parents were already Grandpa and Grandma (we’re traditionalists, what can I say) to four grandchildren, so Justin’s mom and dad kind of felt like those names were already taken. Justin’s mom, Joey, decided on E-Nis-I, or Nis-I for […]

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Product review: Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer.

We have your basic, standard bouncy seats for each of the babies. They’re great — have a nice vibration mechanism on them and are a reliable place to plop the baby when you have to make a bottle quickly or change the other one’s diaper. We’ve also used them for napping purposes, especially for Jack, […]

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Too soon?

Is he too small for the jumparoo, do you think??

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