A thrifting we will go.

I got out of work early yesterday and since the babies would have still been napping if I had gone straight home, I took advantage of the early afternoon to do a little thrift store shopping.

I got some clothes for the babies, which I should be shot for, because I bought a ton of stuff when Mom was here because we hit the thrifts on half-price day. Plus, my beloved sister-in-law Michelle sent me a GIANT BOX full of the most adorable clothes imaginable, all the perfect size to fit Emme as soon as the weather warms up a bit. So I have no business buying clothes but, man, hitting the stores in the middle of the weekday sure does improve the pickings — I couldn’t resist a few items. But the real find was the Fisher Price barn that I’ve been looking for.

It was an immediate hit. I plan on putting it away until they’re older, but once they see sacks, they MUST know what’s in them, so I let them play with it a little while.

I’ve been looking for the farm for a while, but haven’t found one that was the right price, in nice shape, with pieces included. This has almost all (but not all) the pieces, is in great shape, and was $4.19! Hooray!

I also found a ton of books at the Village Thrift on Clark, where books were ten cents each! Can you even believe that?? My favorite book score was the stack of vintage Little Golden books I found:

That top one will make my mom very, very happy. We had it when I was little.

Some of the illustrations in these vintage Little Goldens are so cute.

So, yay, on the books. All of the non-board books have to go up on the shelf because the babies are in a very tear-a-riffic stage when it comes to books, but Jack took to this one so quickly I didn’t have the heart to take it away from him.

I also found one of those carpets that has roads and buildings on it to drive your cars on — also to put away for a while. And possibly my favorite find of the day…

A gentle reminder to hang in the nursery.

If you are not shopping at thrift stores, and you have access to thrift stores, and you have children, you are a fool: a fool I tell you. Today I got four pairs of shorts, four t-shirts, a little snap-up outfit, and twelve books for $16. The barn was $4.19, the car rug was $6, the needlepoint $4.99. ¬†They just move through stuff so fast, I can’t imagine paying full price for clothes — unless I had no choice. I do worry about moving back to a place where the thrift store shopping is limited — I’ve been so spoiled in Chicago.

Katie - April 25, 2012 - 8:40 am

I need to do some city thrifting… looks like you have way more treasures available that we do out here!

Love the little golden books!

Shannon - April 25, 2012 - 5:22 pm

LOVE the golden books! What a steal!

Janie Hightower - April 25, 2012 - 7:11 pm

You’re right, I broke into a big smile when I saw the “Hush, Hush..” book. Sweetest, most soothing sounds for getting children ready to sleep. I also notice my favorite three little kittens book on the bottom! The farm looks great!

Janie Hightower - April 26, 2012 - 7:50 pm

I like what you said about hanging the sampler in the kids’ room.

Joey Fletcher - May 9, 2012 - 6:08 pm

This picture of Jack with the book reminds me so much of Justin. He loved books so much he would pour over them just like that!

Joey Fletcher - May 9, 2012 - 6:09 pm