Yard Sale Finds

Sorry for the absence! We were down south, visiting family — I have a SLEW of photos to post and will be getting to that later today or tomorrow…in the meantime, just to show that thrift shopping can be just as fruitful in the south as it is in the big city, check out these prints I got while in Fayetteville:

$6.75 each! And they’re BIG. I know Mary Englebreit isn’t really fashionable anymore, but I just love her. I am hoping I can find a place in the playroom or Emme’s room — when those places exist, you know, when we move to our mythical house that has a yard and lots and lots of room. Any minute now, right??

I also got this set of HUGE paper dolls for Emme’s room-of-the-future:


I think I linked to a girl’s room that framed these oversized paper doll clothes for decoration but I’m too lazy to look for it right now. I love the look of this room and think that framed dresses could look so cute in a setting like that.

Stay tuned for more vacation photos soon!


Shannon - July 10, 2012 - 11:35 am

LOVE the ones about books! Those babies are going to be GENIUSES!

Loulou - July 10, 2012 - 1:59 pm

Nice finds .. Those prints are so cute. Being Princess of quite a lot is certainly a worthy pursuit!


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