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My gigantically huge freelance project is turned in. I have never felt such relief. It was a monster of a project. I have many photos to post and will be getting to that shortly but had to post these stroller comparison photos. This was taken a year ago, in October.  And this was taken last week, on […]

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Monday in the Park with Jack (and Emme and Mommy and Daddy).

Oh, you guys. My butt is currently being kicked by life right now. I keep meaning to get on here and post some pictures but by the time I’m finally dragging myself to bed these days I’m too tired to string three coherent words together — so allow me to apologize in advance for this […]

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Park pet peeves.

1. Please do not bring your Starbucks product to the park, set it on the ground, and walk away from it, leaving me to spend the next thirty minutes trying to keep my children from drinking your Caramel Mocha Frappucino.  Pet peeve compounded: when you see me trying to keep them away from it and yet leave […]

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