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The Accidental Bully.

  I’ve written about sibling violence several times over the last two years or so, and Lara just mentioned it in her recent State of the Union. But we’ve started to see a new level of it over the past weeks, and it’s becoming a bit more one-sided. Having the Y chromosome and the testosterone […]

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  Everyone knows that the Fletchtower household is the pinnacle of culture and refinement. But you may not know that we’ve started instilling that same sense of noblesse oblige into Jack and Emme. Scoffing at their misnamed high chairs (which actually sit on the ground), brother and sister have been taking their meals at the […]

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There’s nothing quite as heartbreaking as the look in your children’s eyes when you fail them. It’s a look I’ve been seeing a lot lately. As Lara mentioned in the most recent state of the union, Emmeline’s language skills are skyrocketing. Her cadence is reminiscent of Jon Lovitz as Tonto, but the complexity of the […]

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