Every day can’t be a winner.

This wasn’t the greatest of days. One of my favorite cousins got terrifying news — he has some sort of growth on his heart and will be going in for open heart surgery tomorrow morning. Such a shocker. He’s in his mid thirties. Five kids. Ugh. Breaking my heart. In the periphery of that news was the fact that my parents continued to receive bad reeprts about the health of one of our beloved family cats…in our family, pets are like children, so while it may seem odd to mention that in the same light as my cousin’s news — for my parents, it’s really serious and heartbreaking. I was on my way to the thrift stores when I heard both of these pieces of news…though I ended up feeling foggy and anxious I went ahead and shopped, because I was looking for something for the twins to wear to their cousin Sam’s birthday party tomorrow, which is being held at a farm. I just figured it would take my mind of things but it was the wrong thing to try to do — I was short-tempered because of the news and the kids can do one thrift store fine, two is cutting it close, and three is the nuclear option, only to be attempted when there are no other options. We hit three. By the third I was gritting my teeth and glaring at them and wanting really, really badly to hulk out but didn’t want any of the other shoppers to see me at my worst. Those kids were lucky we were in public. Emme always sits in the seat of the basket and Jack sits in the back, ever since Emme’s experience with tumbling out of the basket on to the Wal Mart floor. Today, for some reason, she decided that she was going to grab on to a hank of Jack’s hair and pull. HARD. And then laugh like a crazed serial killer when I scolded her. 

I did, however, find what I was looking for.  Meet Farmer Jack and Farmer Emme.

Lord, they look so cute dressed up in their overalls. I’m tempted to make this their Halloween costumes, although I really want them to be able to pick their costumes out themselves. I asked Emme what she wanted to be for Halloween and without a beat she said “A CAT!” We’ve got to get them to the store to pick something out soon.

Emme had great success tonight with her bathroom duties and a cupcake is waiting for her for tomorrow morning. I told her she could have it for breakfast. (!!!!!) I might be the worst mom in the world. So now is a good time to admit that I pinched Jack on his arm today in the store when he hit me because I put him back in the cart after he would not stop pulling things down from the shelves. That’s something my Mom used to do to us all. the. time. and it wasn’t until today that I realized why: it’s undetectable in public. SNEAKY.

I just finished a huge vat of spaghetti and meat sauce to take over to my cousin’s family tomorrow…here’s hoping that all goes well tomorrow morning.

Mommy out.

Elaine - October 4, 2013 - 7:15 am

We’ll be praying for the cousin and the cat! Have fun at Sammy’s birthday party!

Janie Hightower - October 4, 2013 - 8:54 am

Would like to correct a little something in this account, just for the sake of accuracy. It didn’t pass as undetected when I pinched wee Lara’s arm, as she would yell out, “Oooowwwwiiiiieeeeeeeee! You pinched me!” from Lara’s mother