Sunday is really my Monday.

I was in such a bad mood today and I think I realized why. Sunday is my Monday because Saturday is my “day off.” So today officially marks the beginning of my week and the long slog towards another lovely Saturday. Lord. I sound terrible. You know I love these kids, right? But I do see them EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. I’m supposed to be starting a freelance job that will give us a little extra cash (another reason for my bad mood — there’s one last thing I have to be scheduled for before I can officially start and they are dragging their heels on it) and I told Justin we were using a portion of that paycheck for a date night and/or afternoon once a week. Hopefully on a Sunday so I can wrangle one more day off out of the deal.

It rained nearly the entire day yesterday and the temperature has dropped ridiculously. The kids were in Fall clothes today! Seems to early for that but it IS October. I decided to get them out of the house on an errand — I knew the park was probably going to be pretty soggy still. We went to the “Steer Store” — Home Depot, so called because they have the great carts with the steering wheels in them.

When the store isn’t very crowded I like to pretend like they actually have control over the direction of the cart. We have a lot of near-misses. “OH NO OH NO OH NO DON’T RUN INTO THAT FLASHLIGHT DISPLAY!” and they frantically turn the wheel as we narrowly avoid catastrophe. Now they just start saying “OH NO OH NO OH NO” when they get in the seat so I suppose I’ve overdone that little skit.

Dad came along with us to the store and we stopped at Chipotle afterwards. I love taking them there — they love the food and it’s about the healthiest fast food option there is.

They call this “going to eat with Thomas” because it’s right by the train depot and one time we were there the train came by and so now it will forevermore be known as Thomas’ house.

The End. (This is a dreadfully boring post but my husband is waiting to watch some TEEVEE with me so I’ve got to make this short and sweet, people.)