Lazy Tuesday.

I was shocked when I looked at the clock this morning and it was 11 already. WHAT? Where did the morning go? The kids slept in until 8:20, so that kind of got us discombobulated. Jack had a weird time going to sleep last night — he kept crying and crying and when we would go in to check on him, all he could say was “I’m sad.” So that kept them up until after 9 pm, which is probably to blame for their late rising. It was SUCH a pretty day. I started to take them to the park but suddenly got very attached to the idea of not getting in the car at all; so we went into the back yard and hung out for about an hour and a half until lunch time. I got the backyard straightened up — emptied the little pool and stashed it under the deck, swept, packed up all of their pool and sand toys, so it doesn’t so much look like a junkyard out there anymore. Emme started doing the CUTEST THING while we were out there — she decided I was Abby, Jack was Elmo, and she was Zoe. Then she found a rock and said “I found Rocco!” I suppose if you’re not a current viewer of Sesame Street you have no idea what I’m talking about, so my apologies. BTW, it suddenly¬†occurred¬†to me today that my kids are never going to know Mr. Hooper. They are growing up in a Hooper-less Sesame Street. How sad.

ANYWAY. She called me Abby for about an hour. It was just adorable.

Justin has taught them this little scene to act out. First act: they say “Hmmmmm,” with their finger to their mouth. Second Act: They say “Aha!” with their finger in the air. Third act: they say “I GOT IT!” with a look of triumph. It is so cute and I have been meaning to take pictures of them while they’re doing it and finally got around to it today. Here’s Jack:




As you can see, Jack is a bit camera shy. Not our little actress.




Oh my gosh, they crack me up. After we did our play-acting, we had an impromptu dance party and those kids were ROCKING OUT.

See the book Jack is clutching? That’s one of those books that I was talking about in my last post about the library. This is his latest obsession that he wants with him at all times. It’s so strange, because they’re really simplistic (this one is called Baby’s Colors, even) but he just loves them.

Today we started on our big pile of library books and made it through one called “Kindness is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler.” It was very wordy, almost too wordy for them, but we made it through, and I’m glad we did, because it was all about doing kind acts for other people. I loved that it brought up the word “kind” and really tried to bring that into the conversation from that point forward. I think we’re going to try some of the suggestions in the back of the book, like writing a thank you note to our town firemen.

That’s about all I got for you tonight, homies. Something smells like fondue in my kitchen yet no fondue has been cooked. But it is making me very hungry. So Mommy out.


Marsha - October 9, 2013 - 6:58 am

Lara, this post is precious! Your idea to just stay home and turn it into something fun for everyone really worked out. Maybe you can put together a list of “projects” to do at home and make the car trips more special occasions.

The photos are so sweet and you captured the moments so perfectly!!